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A Family In Dire Need

This is the home of Matthew Hooper, his wife, and their one year old child. Matt’s wife is expecting their second child sometime in the next couple of weeks. Matt is studying for the ministry at Kingswood University (formerly Bethany Bible College) in Sussex, New Brunswick.

If you can’t extrapolate from the picture… they’ve lost everything.

I’ve been in touch with a dear friend of mine on the Kingswood faculty and asked HOW WE CAN HELP.

Obviously the arrival of their unborn child in the next couple of weeks adds an extra dimension of urgency to this situation. As such, my friend has advised me that their GREATEST need are baby clothes and baby furniture.

The call is twofold.

  1. For baby clothes and baby furniture.
  2. For a driver heading in that direction (or someone who would pay the courier fees) to get this stuff to Sussex.

Wesleyan, Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist… we’re all members of the same family. If you can help, inbox me.