Music For Mackenzie

Most of you on my friends list (barring those in Thailand or Israel or other remote regions) got an invite to a concert from me today. In CASE you haven’t heard what that’s about, give me a few minutes and let tell you a little bit about May 11th.


A group of people I will refer to as “Friends of Mackenzie” are raising money for him. Mackenzie (Mackie) Graham is a seven month old boy who was born blind with a condition called PFVS. To make a very long story short, we have to do this surgery in Michigan. OHIP won’t cover it. It’s not cheap. If you want the long version feel free to inbox me or call me. I’ve told the story so many times online my fingers are almost worn to the bone.  But if you want, you can watch the video here, which is a clip that CityTV aired in early March.

So on May 11th we are holding a concert and silent auction. (If you DIDN’T get the invite, the event page is at Feel free to invite yourself.) Mark Masri ( and The Wiebes ( will be performing for us that night and it’s going to be spectacular.  Amber MacArthur from TechTV ( will be our MC that night.  Tickets will be available online THIS FRIDAY (April 5th) at Tickets are $30 for the concert, or $60 for the concert with what I have amusingly labelled a “Meat And Greet” at Buster Rhino’s Southern BBQ which is within walking distance of the theatre. The $60 covers the concert, your food, and a carbonated beverage, but does not include alcoholic beverages. (By the way, we are DEEPLY indebted to Buster Rhinos for their help, support, and generosity in planning this event. Especially with the Boss being couch-ridden for the past two to three weeks. Get well soon, D! WE LOVE YOU MAN!!!) If you have any questions… inbox me. (Oh by the way, there are 554 of the $30 tickets and 50 of the $60 tickets and when they’re gone, they’re GONE. We’re not holding any tickets in reserve. So don’t wait!)

ITEM #2 on the agenda. The Silent Auction. We are STILL in need of items for the silent auction. ESPECIALLY ITEMS THAT ARE NOT SPORTS RELATED. We have enough sports memorabilia to open the Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame. We want some variety. If your business or organization would like to donate something for the silent auction, in support of Mackenzie’s medical bills, please inbox me. We will be more than happy to advertise your business at the silent auction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This is the most important cause I’ve ever put my shoulder behind in my life. And I thank ALL of you for your support.


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