Google Search And Maps Showing The Wrong Language

<sarcasm> Oh we had fun this morning. </sarcasm>

One of our cats slept on Jillian’s laptop the other day, and ever since her Google Search and Google Maps results were showing in French.  (At least that’s what we think the connection was.)

She put up with it for a day or so, and finally today I’d had enough.  It took me a lot longer to fix than I thought it would.

I went into her Google Account thinking “Oh, her language just got changed to French, this will be easy” but when I pulled up the account settings, her language was set to English.

I checked the Windows settings.  Everything in Windows was English.

Remember Air Force One (the movie)?  Remember when they were trying to send a message to the situation room and the aide speaks up and says “No sir, phones and faxes are two separate systems of encryption?”  Yeah well, it’s kinda like that.

For some brilliant reason, Google has two language settings.  One for Search (which apparently also affects Maps) and one for everything else.

The address for the Search preferences is  (Make sure you’re logged in to your Google account!)

Note:  I find it interesting that in the pulldown menu on that page, that it shows the names of the languages in the currently selected language.  This could have been a nightmare for us if the cat had selected Chinese or Korean instead of French.  I take no responsibility for practical jokes that were inspired by this paragraph.


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